Saturday, December 29, 2001

Here's another thought for today. What if Richie Cunningham said "Fucko" instead of "Bucko"? He would have been so much tougher, maybe even tougher than the Fonz, who's witty repartee was limited to "Heyyyyy". In a fight he would say things like "Piss off Fucko, or I will ram my fist down your throat and strangle you with your own scrotum sack, Fucko." He would be the terror of wherever the heck they lived. In later years, he could become a circus clown. Fucko the Clown! Abusing children and strangling then with their own scrotum sacks.
While driving back to my apartment with my girlfriend recently, I wondered why animals never search for their testicles. Male pets for the most part. Let us enter the dogs world for a moment, shall we? One day you are happy, scratching and licking your butt. Your owner takes you for a ride in the car, always a thrill! Only today it ends at the House of Pain, where Dr. Moreau works his "magic" on you. You are ensnared, and put to sleep. When you awaken, something is different. You go home to find that your testes have fallen off. Gone! Lost! At this point we leave the dog's world, and return to our own, where I am forced to wonder why they never attempt to find them. Wouldn't you at least put up a Lost and Found poster?? "Lost... 2 testes... if found please return to Rover."