Wednesday, January 30, 2002

Have you ever noticed how much an aloe plant hurts if you rub it against your face?
I am cooking my first whole chicken right now, and the oven is making a lot of ominous sounds. Is it possible the chicken is trying to escape impending consumption? And why? Many many victuals have willingly and gladly sacrificed themselves to my digestive processes with not a single complaint. Ahh you say, but victuals cannot speak! How would I know if they were complaining? Fuck em I say!!! They disgest into goo and they LIKE IT!!!

Sunday, January 27, 2002

Here's a quick thought.. if Elvis had lived, and become a wrestler, do you think he would have used his hips as a weapon? "Oh no!! Look out, he just gave the Rock the Presley Hip!! That's gotta hurt!"
And now a musical interlude:

I like mice,
They like me,
We're as happy
As we can be!
Here come cats,
Cats are bad,
Let's go punch them
In the nads!

My mind is such an interesting theatre.. always something new and interesting playing inside. :)
This weekend has seen the fruits of my labors to stage the ultimate coup. I, Michaelo Viccora, am now officially, a published poet. The book containing my poem, "A Grasp At Eternity", from the Intrernational Library of Poetry arrived here yesterday, with my poem on page 135. And my name of course. Ahhh, but having a poem published in the book is merely half the coup. The coupishness comes from the nature of the poem itself! The poem, entitled "Concrete Frogs" should NEVER have seen the inside of a book, of ANY book! This poem I write in 60 seconds, and it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. None! I mean not a thing! Nada pesos! I submitted this poem merely as a joke, and to my suprise was praised for my "creative vision"! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! And now it is in this nice book I just recieved yesterday!! Ahhh life! In a couple of weeks I shall venture forth to the book store and see if I can find my book. Then shall I laugh and laugh and laugh!!!