Thursday, February 21, 2002

Have you ever looked in the mirror and wondered what you would look like as a sea urchin? Would I have long, majestic spikes? Would they be colorful? Would other sea urchins find then attractive? And most important of all, would they be able to pierce divers as they swam by and inject them with venom?? Well, what fun would there be in being a nice sea urchin??!
I saw an interesting movie the other day, "The Last Man on Earth." Starring Vincent Price as the last human in a world vercome with vampire-zombies. Every night he would shelter himself, and by day he would molest their sleeping bodies with stakes and holy water. A rather dark film for it's time, I was mightily impressed. I began to think, what if I were on that world. What would I do? Easy, I would become a vampire!! And then I would kill the leader and be the head vampire! And ten I would organize vampire water sports, like staff fighting over a pit of holy water, or food events like Guess Which Sandwhich Has Garlic in it! Ahh it would be glorious! And fun!
If I were a Buffy vampire forget it, that bitch would be dead. Spike Spike Spike. Alawys with the goofy plans gone wrong. SHOOT THE BITCH!!! She's a slayer, but she is not bulletproof. C'mon, do you mean to tell me that he could not get a gun? This is America, KIDS can get guns! If he needs a plan, he can dress up like a circus clown nd fill a seltzer bottle with acid. Once the acid disorients her, THEN shoot her! And when she is weak from loss of blood, feed on her! Sort of like a little F-U at the end. :) Come on Spike, buy a damn gun!!!