Wednesday, March 06, 2002

Tonight I came across a roll of invisible tape. I was immediately struck by the falsitude of this claim, for clearly, I could SEE the tape. But let us pretend boys and girls, that the tape actually WERE invisible! How would you know you had actually taped anything, since you cannot see it??
After having watched some of the winter olympics.. I have to wonder, what in the name of ALL that is HOLY is wrong with Scottish people??!! Curling???? Or however it is spelled???!! Are they kidding me? These people brought us Willaim Wallace, the claymore, bagpipes, kilts, and really cool accents. But curling??!!! How in the name of GOD is this a sport?? And what kind of crack were the olympic commitee people smoking when they said "Hey that's GREAT!!! Add it!!" Not the kind you can get on the street, I can tell you that! A guy lides a rock, and two others brush a nice path for it??? What's next, Unconventional Gerkin Combat??
I once believed I was having an actual SERIOUS thought, but I was mistaken; it was merely a headache.
Simply put, certain dinner rolls look like an asses. This mystifies me. Why create this edible goodness, and craft in the shape of buttocks? And we won't even go into the dhiaretic visions of melted butter oozing out of the top of such rolls. Make no mistake, the rolls are tasty, but poorly designed. Now a roll shaped like a puppy, THAT's good eats!