Thursday, April 25, 2002

I knew it could not last, a fresh cerebral belch of stupidity is already forming. I can feel it building, like some snowball rolling wildly down a hill! Ahhh, it's the bus story my girlfriend mentioned today. Geralyn had mentioned that a chorus of retards were quoting scripture on the bus she takes to work... now wouldn't it be funny if they were a tour? Picture a bus full to overloaded with retarded adults, all in helmets, banging their heads into one another, rocking and swaying, drooling and screaming scripture at the top of their lungs as the bus slowly drives around the neighborhood. What a study of irony!! The orderly, structured verses of gospel being spewed forth by this helmeted chorus of chaos! Of course, the true miracle would be that any of them even got any of the verses correct.. that they would shout the scripture in perfect, albiet mongoloided, English would be the true testament of the Lord!
Of course, it would be infinitly funnier if they were shouting in the normal mongoloid gibberish as they bashed their heads, but that's just me.
Wow... my brain is actually silent.. so THAT'S what that is like... who knew?

Monday, April 22, 2002

Broccoli looks like brains. It just does. Which makes me wonder if it is not the brains of the vegetable world. Watch, waiting, gathering intelligence about us for the day when they rebel. And they will. They will. How long can they possibly sit idly by and watch us decimate entire families, all in the name of salad??
No, the broccoli is planning.. scheming. They soldier vegetables. pumpkins and melons, are being trained in secret vegetable patches hidden away in middle America, waiting for the broccoli to give the order to kill the oppressors, the farmers, and free their bretheren!! "Vegetable rights and freedom" will be the cry!! Only we will not hear it, because we don't speak broccoli.
Wow, I have not posted at all in April. Sort of forgot about the Blog entirely to be honest. I make it a point not to write personal things here, or to comment on other Blogs here. But I did want to offer my condolences to Al, Brenda, and Frank. I won't go into a mushy and depressing paragraph on how I believe we are affected by loss. We all experience it differently, and no one's personal views are the same as anyone else's, so why force them on you? I will say that I do send cyber hugs to you all, and the hope that the pain will pass quickly, to be replaced by the fondness of good memories.and of ocurse I will add that I am here for you all if any of you need me.
Frank, on a side note, Joe told me about the wake Wednesday night, nd I am sorry that I could not attend. I had a class I could not miss Thursday, and family matters to attend to Friday.
On that note, I shall go. I'll try and remember to post on this thing for those of you who actually used to read it.