Monday, April 29, 2002

No two snow flakes are ever identical.. so why aren't we cloning them?
The recent war on terrorism, or rather Afghanistan has me thinking.. what if they were fighting in Jello instead of sand?
My plants are happy today. They revel in the miracle that is water. I was in a kind mood, and allowed them to partake of liquid goodness. I may not water them again for weeks. Who can say? I like to plan my cruelty daily.
It takes a very special person to come forward and say "I like to have sex with beans."
Potatoes produce electricity. We have all learned this neat little fact in science class. How many would it take to power a car? I want the first all wheel drive potato powered vehicle!
I route for Satan in every movie he appears in. He never wins though, damnit. And why are the people who oppose him always the "hero's"? Who in the hell asked them to stop the Apocolypse???!! Some of us have been waiting an awful long time for this blessed event, and personally these hero's are beginning to tick me off. How cool would the Apocolypse be?? It would kick ass!! We could all run rampant through the streets with swords hacking at will and painting ourselves in the blood!!! Unless of course... that's just MY fantasy....