Thursday, October 10, 2002

Nuclear holocaust is today's topic du jour. Actually, it SHOULD be the vicious alien menace that CAUSED the nuclear holocaust. Allow me to explain. Recently I have been playing with SimCity 3000. Why? To help curb my desire to rule everything with an Iron hand. A waffle iron hand! But I digest. I am in the midst of a city I call Sweethaven, in tribute to Popeye the movie. Having begun in 1900, when offered nuclear technology in the 80's, we greedily snatched it up. Lights and microwave goulash for all! Things were running well, people were actually happy with me for a change, when out of the heavens come these alien fucktards who start blowing the unholy crap out of my city!!! Independance Day 2 could have been filmed in the massacre that ensued. And just as it seemed the had had enough, just as they appeared to be departing, just as the people were slowly emerging from their bomb shelters.. the fuckers turn around and blow up my nuclear plant! Instant Chernobyl!! Just add aliens and mix! A quarter of my industrial area is blown to smithereens, people are without power, and 80 years later the area is STILL iradiated!!!! I am almost certain they are in on it with the lima beans, and this is retribution for the crossbow executions.
Wow, did I really not write during the month of September? Oh well, such is life. Except for lima beans. I loathe lima beans. To this end, while I( was at War this year, I purchased a hand crossbow. A simple little contraption this, no fancy shmancy thing-a-majig. But it WORKS! Especially with frozen lima beans, which I have since condemed to many many aerial deaths! They shoot pretty far, but are hard to track at night. I think I pegged the neighbor's house though. Hehehe, fuck him.