Saturday, December 14, 2002

Jumping to your death from a building. Suicide, or performance art?
So now I am 34. I look back at my life, and I wonder why I have never gone beserk with a chainsaw in a shopping mall. I think I had that planned for 27, but then I moved in with Dave, and was paying half the rent. So it would not have been cool to go to jail. Now I live with Geralyn and pay half the rent. And although she is subjected to my.. well, what she calls "Wierdness", 24 hours a day, it still is not the same. But agsin I am paying half the rent, so still Jail is not feasible. And with the price of houses these days, it is getting pretty tough to buy a place where you don't pay rent so that you can go and massacre that shopping mall. So when I am 87, I am going to buy me a souped up Rascal, attach a pair of chansaws, and go to the mall. :)
Have you ever lost your desire to kill guys named Melvin?
Wow, I cannot believe that Frank has not harrassed me for not Blogging in the past 3 and a half months. Wow, I cannot belive that yams taste so incredibly AWFUL! Who'da thunk it? It looks like a fucked up orange potato. And potatos are good. But yams are bad. So are yams then the evil twin brothers of potatos? Like, for every potato, there is an evil twin of a yam screwing with the universe?

Hey Al, if you read this by any chance, give me a call with your number. I lost it :( Now that Geralyn is moved in and things are settling down, we need to start hanging out and doing some gaming. Joe, you are of course welcome too.

Is it me, or are we being invaded by large inflatable snow-persons? Why can no one see the danger here? More inflate around my neighborhood EACH DAMN DAY!!! EACH!! AND!! EVERY!! DAMN!! FREAKING!! DAY!!! I!!! SEE!!! A!!! NEW!!! ONE!!!! They must be stopped! Stopped people!! Late at night, when no one is watching, they flatulate. They do!! I swear it!! If enough of them flatulate often enough, we will be enveloped in a noxious fog that will wipe out all life on earth!!! Or at least make it very stinky.