Monday, August 04, 2003

I saw two very pretty Japanese lesbians the other day in Genovese. I didn't think they came that way, but god bless em!
My Homies are in disarray. Geralyn and I found a gumball machine at White Castle, and more recently at King Kullen as well, that dispenses little plastic Homies. Yes, Homies. Chicano gang members in all of their glory! Today they are all out of place. I think the tyrannosuarus must scare them.
My grandfather died 2 weeks ago, at the righteous age of 95. He wsas a very kind and caring man, with a wonderful sense of humor. He loved trains, and had a tremendous set-up in his basement. During the wake I placed a small train in his hand, so he could play with it in heaven.

Didnt mean to bring anyone down, just thinking about my grandpa. I love him and hope he is happy.
The other day Geralyn and I were standing in line at the deli counter of King Kullen. I picked up a package of grapes and began violently shaking them at her and growling, and declared them to be the grapes of wrath. A few minutes later we passed a young boy who plopped himself on the floor in front of a Hostess display and growled. His mother very casually explained that he was autistic. I should have introduced him to the grapes.
Who is hunting and trapping all the gummy bears sold in stores?
Here's a thought.. if the average family has 1.5 children... is the .5 child where midgets come from?
So today's drymidity was 0%. On a day like today, we should all be wearing Dunesque stillsuits. Of course, if they were truly STILLsuits, we wouldn't be able to move in them. Which takes my mind to those motion watches, which supposedly run or wind from the movement of your body. What a witty gag gift for the parapallegics!
Good morning oh ignorant wretches! Here is something to contemplate today as you hang upon the Tree of Woe: What if the nine rings for mortal men had gone to Smurfs instead? Picture a 2 inch Ringwraith trying to stab Frodo in the heart wiht a Morgul blade... via his big toe...