Monday, April 11, 2005

No matter how hard you try to save someone you love, it can all come to nothing if they do not love themselves. Give all that you have until you lose who you are and become a ruined shadow of yourself, it shall be a meaningless sacrifice to one who cares nothing for the damage they do to themselves and those around them. The White Knight fails to rescue the fair maiden, and is helpless to do anything but watch as she lovingly embraces the dragon that has imprisoned her.
Sometimes we are poets, painting the landscapes of our hearts with words and phrases. Sometimes we are artists, using pigment and structure to share the visions of our hearts and minds. And sometimes we are caregivers, using the power of empathy to convey comfort and love unto others with a gentle touch, a warm embrace, a friendly smile.
You pee in a cup. You then pass it to the person on your left. That person in turn dumps it on his head. As the yellow river flows down through the peaks and valleys of his head, you suddenly wonder what in the hell you are writing.