Monday, April 18, 2005

If you ever doubt your sanity, just remind yourself that the lil bastards in the white coats have not caught you yet. So you must be doing SOMETHING right. Of course, they could also be so COMPLETELY baffled by you doing everything astronomically gastrointestinally supercalafragalistically wrong that they were taken away themselves. Or Mary Poppins may have tucked them in her bag with Jimmy Hoffa.
I would want my Chinese name to be Faq Yu.
We have all watched Mr. Rogers. We have all witnessed the puppet that was King Friday. And we have all asked ourselves why he did not order someone to construct him some legs.
Say you're walking along the road. And a man appraoches you. He asks you what the time is. You kick him in the nuts and gleefully exclaim that it is Nut Kicking time. He crawls away.